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Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff's Association

After careful consideration from our Executive Board and a vote of our membership, the Sonoma County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA) is proud to announce our endorsement of Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram in his campaign to be the next Sheriff of Sonoma County. 

We have the utmost respect for and confidence in Eddie.  Throughout his career, Eddie has proven to be a competent, ethical, and professional leader in the Sheriff’s Office.  His experience managing both the Patrol and Detention Divisions of the Office, as well as his lengthy resume of assignments, give Eddie the knowledge and experience required of a Sheriff to deliver the best service to the people of Sonoma County. 

Eddie cares deeply about our community here in Sonoma County.  Our County deserves a Sheriff who will protect us from crime while enforcing the law with compassion.  We need a Sheriff who will unite our community in a common goal to live fulfilling lives in the best part of this country.  A Sheriff who will be a calming presence during the chaos of disasters.  We need a Sheriff … like Eddie. 

The DSA feels blessed to have this opportunity to endorse Eddie in this journey.  We hope you will join us in supporting Eddie Engram as he seeks to become the next Sheriff of Sonoma County