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Eddie Engram for Sonoma County Sheriff
False Allegations
The Press Democrat
A compassionate leader

Eddie Engram is a genuine leader that Sonoma County needs and deserves as its next sheriff.

The Press Democrat
Addressing the problem

Bill Houghton's reasons for not voting for Eddie Engram for sheriff is precisely the reason we are voting for Engram. 

KSRO Profiles: Three candidates for Sonoma County Sheriff

Listen to Eddie's morning interview with KSRO.

The Press Democrat
My experience puts me in a position to understand

Eddie Engram knows the many faces of law enforcement. Long before he became a Sonoma County assistant sheriff, he was raised in low-income areas of East Palo Alto and Tampa, Florida, where his family had a complicated relationship with the police.

The Press Democrat
Engram Maintains Fundraising Edge over Opponents in Sonoma County Sheriff Race

As the June 7 election approaches, Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram continues to hold a major fundraising lead over two rivals in the race for Sonoma County sheriff.

The Press Democrat
PD Editorial: In Sheriff's Election, Engram is top pick

Of the three candidates, only Engram has experience at the executive level. Engram also is the only candidate who has run a jail, managing 280 employees and an $81 million budget as assistant sheriff in charge of the detention division.

Sonoma County Gazette
There's gonna be a new Sonoma County sheriff in town

Read more about my answers to the Sonoma County Gazette about the Sheriff's race. 

The Press Democrat
Letter to the Editor - Progressive hypocrisy

Sonoma County has a chance to make history by electing its first Black sheriff, and only the second in California history. The actions of progressive organizations in this county put hypocrisy in full view. Vote for the most qualified candidate, Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram.

See Eddie in the IOLERO Forum here!

Watch Eddie's debate at the IOLERA Forum here! In order to access the recorded Zoom meeting, you'll need to enter the following password: G=.?76KF

Press Democrat
Letter to the Editor - from Supervisor Shirlee Zane

Eddie Engram is exactly what Sonoma County needs right now. He will make a fabulous sheriff, and I thoroughly support him. - Shirlee Zane

The Press Democrat
Sonoma County sheriff candidate Eddie Engram presents to Santa Rosa group

Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram, who is one of the four candidates campaigning for the office of sheriff, spoke over Zoom Monday evening to a Santa Rosa neighborhood group.

The Press Democrat
Close to Home: Meaningful change comes from within

"Not all skinfolk are kinfolk". That's what an older white man said about me in a public forum, paraphrasing Zora Neale Hurston's commentary on the struggle to define what it means to be Black in America. See what I have to say about change from within.

The Press Democrat
Thursday's Letters to Editors

I am a Santa Rosa area business owner, and I would like to share with you the Eddie Engram I know and why I am voting for him.

The Press Democrat
Eddie Engram holds early fundraising edge over rivals for Sonoma County Sheriff

Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram has an early fundraising lead over the three other candidates running for Sonoma County Sheriff, reporting over $90,000 in individual contributions, more than a third from current and former law enforcement officials.

Sonoma Index-Tribune
Letter to the Editor - Eddie Engram for Sheriff

As a lifelong resident of Sonoma, proud Californian, public safety professional, and progeny of a centennial Sonoma County family, I fully support Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram in his bid for sheriff.

Matthew D. Wirick

The Press Democrat
3 Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Candidates promise collaboration, oversight, leadership

"I am the only candidate that is a person of color, and I think that my perspective is important," Engram said. "I do work for the Sheriff's Office. I'm in law enforcement, but 24 hours a day I'm a Black man. I'm a resident of this community -- those things are important to me."

Eddie Engram for Sonoma County Sheriff
State Senator Bill Dodd Endorses Eddie Engram for Sheriff

Current Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram announced today that his most recent list of endorsers includes long term county representative State Senator Bill Dodd.

Eddie Engram for Sonoma County Sheriff
Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram Announces First Set of Endorsements

Current Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram announced today his first list of endorsements by public officials of his candidacy for Sonoma County Sheriff.

Eddie Engram for Sonoma County Sheriff
Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram Announces Candidacy for Sonoma County Sheriff

Current Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram announced today on KSRO radio that he will be seeking the Sonoma County Sheriff office in the 2022 election.

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