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Eddie Engram Endorsements

I couldn't be prouder of the wide-ranging support from friends both within and outside the law enforcement community that my campaign has attracted.  Our strong and diverse coalition stands as a testament to our community's ability to come together and proactively address the challanges facing us in keeping Sonoma County strong and safe. 

I am humbled by their support and the trust they've placed in me that I am the most experienced and best candidate to lead the Sheriff's Office.  

Come join our team of elected officials, law enforcement professionals, organized labor and County residents in leading our County forward!


Elected Officials*

Congressman Mike Thompson

Senator Bill Dodd

Assembly member Marc Levine

Assembly member Jim Wood

David Rabbitt (Sonoma County Board of Supervisors)

James Gore (Sonoma County Board of Supervisors)

Lynda Hopkins (Sonoma County Board of Supervisors)

Gerard Giudice (City Council, Rohnert Park)

Jack Ding (Mayor, Sonoma)

Madolyn Agrimonti (City Council, Sonoma)

Todd Lands (Mayor, Cloverdale)

Bob Cox (Fmr. Mayor, Cloverdale)

Gerard Guidice (Mayor, Rohnert Park)

Pam Stafford (City Council, Rohnert Park)

Kelso Barnett (City Council, Sonoma)

Madolyn Agrimonti (City Council, Sonoma)

David Hagele (Healdsburg City Council)

Skylaer Palacios (Fmr. Healdsburg City Council)

Gary Plass (Fmr. Healdsburg Mayor)

Jack Tibbetts (Fmr. Santa Rosa City Councilmember)

Matt Wirick (Sonoma County Planning Commission)

Shirlee Zane (Fmr. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors)

Paul Kelly (Fmr. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors)

Law Enforcement Professionals*

Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick

Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano (ret.)

Sonoma County Sheriff Bill Cogbill (ret.)

Assistant Sonoma County Sheriff Clint Shubel (ret.)

Assistant Sonoma County Sheriff Al Vernon (ret.)

Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle

Napa County Sheriff Oscar Ortiz

Reserve Assistant Sonoma County Sheriff Mike Voorhees (ret.)

Dan Ager

Joel Auerbach

Lance Badger

John Barr

Leslie Bottomley

Michael Callen

Sam Camerena

Hector Campos, Jr.

Rosendo Castro

Justin Clayton

Will Connor

Keith Covington

Anthony Diehm

Darin Dougherty

Cody Eberty

Ryan Foiles

Mike Ferguson

Dave Giugni

Ed Hoener

Marcus Holton

Micah Hope

Caroline Jaap

Nick Jax

Brandon Jones

Sean Jones

Ken Konopa

Jeremy Lyle

Willam Mahoney

Cayla Miale

Fred Marziano

Justin Clayton

Will Connor

Keith Covington

Anthony Diehm

Ryan Foiles

Mike Ferguson

Dave Giugni

Marcus Holton

Micah Hope

Nick Jax

Ken Konopa

Chad McMasters

Michael Merchen

Nicholas Miller

John Molinari

Shawn Murphy

James Naugle

Ryan Patrick

Tom Peirsol

Michael Peters

Rafael Perez

Matt Regan

Joseph Ricks

Justin Ritz

Hector Rodriguez

Fred Schmidt

Dack Thompson

Juan Valencia

Mike Vail

Robert Waner

Francisco Wonneberger

Misti Wood

Casey Konnoff

Jayson Fowler

Robert Hawkins

Barbara Wiseman

Organized Labor

Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association

Marin County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Peace Officers Association of Petaluma

Professional Fire Fighters of Sonoma County 1401

Sprinkler Fitters UA Local 483


Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)

United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local Union 751

Petaluma Firefighters Local 1415

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 551

Napa County Deputy Sheriff's Association

Sonoma County Farm Bureau

Sonoma County Residents

Robert Anderson
Cody Andrade
Cherilyn Andrews
Breanne Billeter
Thomas Billeter
Mike Brown
Paula & Zelko Cecic-Karuzic
Dan Christensen
Justin Cimino
Will Connor
Joyce Covington
Keith Covington
Chris Dahl
Darcie Dahl
Robert DeMiguel
Kenneth Dern
Larry Doherty
Tom Dulaney
John Fredericks
Adam Greco
William Grenawalt
Vince Grima
Jonathan Hebel
David Heizer
Matt Heizer
Donald Hughes
Shelley Jull
Mark Azzouni
Janine Saykes

Kelly Kaslar
Aaron Krug
Steven Lewis
John Lewis
Kyle Lundstedt
Dale Johnson
Robert Moeller
Brady Murphy
Mark Parish
Justin Perry
Kristin Petersen
Sammy Precup
George Rathman
Irene Rosario
Jim Ryan
Bret Sackett
Andy Salas
Deepinder Sekhon
Daniel Shacklett
Haley Skerrett
Casey Smith
Timothy Sutton
Kristopher Swift
Adam Trice
Gerald Turney
Rodrigo Valencia
Francisco Valencia
Liana Whisler
Steve Young
Maria Wiseman
Emily Eveland
Jay Bushey