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9-30-2021 Press Release

For Immediate Release
September 30, 2021

Andrew Fields 707-582-0675

Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram Announces Candidacy for Sonoma County Sheriff

Santa Rosa, CA — Current Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram announced today on KSRO radio that he will be seeking the Sonoma County Sheriff office in the 2022 election.

With unparalleled experience within law enforcement that includes almost two decades within the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office, Asst. Sheriff Engram brings both a tremendous amount of experience and a passion for keeping Sonoma County safe. A County resident since 2004, Engram is dedicated to improving the lives of the County residents he is pleased to call neighbors.

Engram has dedicated his life to public service. Engram began his career at the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office in 2000 as a correctional officer and was promoted to the rank of Deputy Sheriff in 2001 Engram moved to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office in 2002, rising through the ranks to eventually be charged with the number two spot in the Sheriff’s office. Along the way, Asst. Sheriff Engram has served as a Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Detective, Explorer Advisor, Internal Affairs Investigator, Hostage Negotiation Team member, use of force instructor, and a Field Training Officer.

Recognizing his leadership ability, Engram was continually assigned roles with increasing responsibility for community safety, including managing the Crisis Intervention Training program, acting as Watch Commander, heading up the Professional Standards Bureau – including Internal Affairs – and overseeing the entirety of the Field Services Division that includes all Patrol Bureau, Dispatch, Court Security, Fire Assistance and Liaison to the Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach.

Upon promotion to Assistant Sheriff, Engram’s purview expanded to include the Detention Division and all Detention-related services, managing an $70-million annual budget.

Assistant Sheriff Engram is a recipient of the Sheriff’s Office Distinguished Service Award and a Gold Medal of Valor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management and lives with his family in Santa Rosa.

As Sheriff, Engram’s focus will be on public safety, transparency, and trust:

Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Department will be focused on community-oriented policing and a proactive approach to crime reduction serving all our communities from our rural agricultural areas to the more densely populated areas of the county.

I understand that the best way to solve our quality-of-life issues is to work hand in hand with the community to mitigate homelessness and other issues that affect the citizens of Sonoma County. Additionally, I will strive for an open and transparent dialog with our communities to build a much-needed relationship of trust.

We have some of the finest, most highly trained, and professional law enforcement officers in the country working right here in Sonoma County and my goal is to give them the support they need to provide quality public safety services to all of the citizens of this county.

Engram was joined on today’s radio program by current Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick, who in endorsing Engram said: As Sheriff, it has been my duty to prepare and mentor the Sheriff’s Office leadership. This county and our Office are incredibly fortunate to have Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram well prepared to take the reins of his command on his first day and ensure a seamless transition for public safety. In addition to being the most qualified candidate for Sheriff today, Sonoma County will have the opportunity to elevate the first African American Sheriff in its 171-year history.

I sincerely hope the voters of Sonoma County will place their trust in him, just as all of his colleagues do. Eddie Engram offers the steady and uncompromising leadership that this county deserves, a person of honor and high integrity who will serve with distinction.

Engram also has the honor of being the only Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff’s Association endorsed candidate:

After careful consideration from our Executive Board and a vote of our membership, the Sonoma County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA) is proud to announce our endorsement of Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram in his campaign to be the next Sheriff of Sonoma County.

We have the utmost respect for and confidence in Eddie. Throughout his career, Eddie has proven to be a competent, ethical, and professional leader in the Sheriff’s Office. His experience managing both the Patrol and Detention Divisions of the Office, as well as his lengthy resume of assignments, give Eddie the knowledge and experience required of a Sheriff to deliver the best service to the people of Sonoma County.

Eddie cares deeply about our community here in Sonoma County. Our County deserves a Sheriff who will protect us from crime while enforcing the law with compassion. We need a Sheriff who will unite our community in a common goal to live fulfilling lives in the best part of this country. A Sheriff who will be a calming presence during the chaos of disasters. We need a Sheriff … like Eddie.

The DSA feels blessed to have this opportunity to endorse Eddie in this journey. We hope you will join us in supporting Eddie Engram as he seeks to become the next Sheriff of Sonoma County.

Assistant Sheriff Engram also has the distinction of being endorsed two previous Sonoma County Sheriff, Robert Giordano and Bill Cogbill. For more information, please visit