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Eddie Engram for Sonoma County Sheriff.
Safety. Integrity. Community.

I’ve made Sonoma County my home, and I’m incredibly proud of the impact I’ve been able to make both within the Sheriff’s Office and in our community.  We’re one of the safest counties in California, and I have the experience and dedication to keep it that way.

Growing up, most of my family lived in a tough neighborhood in East Palo Alto. This included my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. All of my male cousins ended up in trouble with the law. My mom decided to make a change and we moved away for several years, and it was a good thing, too. My brother and I were the only ones who didn’t spend some time in jail or prison and I’m the only one with a college degree.

I’ve personally seen the good influence that the rule of law can have on the community and through my experience, I have dedicated my life to public service. I  began my career at the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office in 2000 as a correctional officer and was promoted to the rank of Deputy Sheriff in 2001. It was then that I discovered how beautiful Sonoma County is and moved to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office in 2002, rising through the ranks to eventually be charged with the number two spot in the Sheriff’s Office.  Along the way, I’ve served as a Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Detective, Explorer Advisor, Internal Affairs Investigator, Hostage Negotiation Team member, use of force instructor, and a Field Training Officer.  

I know that there are some things that need to change, but one thing that never changes is the need for experienced public servants who are willing to sacrifice to keep our community safe and protect us from the rising rate of crime that we’re seeing throughout Northern California, to say nothing of our susceptibility to natural disasters.

Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Office will be focused on community-oriented policing and a proactive approach to crime reduction serving ALL our Sonoma County communities.

I understand that the best way to solve our quality-of-life issues is to work hand in hand with the community and I will strive for openness and transparency to build a much-needed relationship of trust.


– Sonoma County Assistant Sheriff Eddie Engram